Punta Hermosa Beach House

H-22 “permanent house” on the beach

As the title suggests, following the client’s requirements, we designed a permanent house which is to be lived in all year round. For this reason, when it came to design, we paid attention not only to the interior spaces, thermal insulation for extreme climate, but also took care that the private spaces maintain privacy and peacefulness. We looked for warm spaces, well illuminated and protected from the wind and/or the sea breeze during the winter season but without losing track of the idea of spacious social spaces, open, airy and with a direct spatial relation between the interior and the exterior.

As for the line of sight (beach regulations), you may notice how the roofed area per floor is inversely proportional to the level in which it is located. This means that the higher it is (better sights) the less area there is roofed.

“The house is thought of as an exposed concrete block, with certain cuts and drillings, which appears step by step, in the form of railway platforms in the ground’s topography, integrating itself into the landscape.”

Thermal insulation and control of sunlight exposure is taken into account in the diverse levels and spaces in the interior, by the means of architectonic resources such as lattice, eaves, green roofs, suspended floors and ceilings, flower planters and the swimming pool itself.

The house is developed in four floors in order to include the entire program (roofed area 340.00 m2) in the reduced land area (semi-basement + 3 stories), all of them related with each other through the staircase, which generates sights and diverse sensations along their passage as well as the different levels, and connecting the superior pier, the access pier with the intermediate pier, the exit and or access to the beach.

It is for this reason that the access through the superior pier is located on the third floor where we find the stairs to the second floor and to the parking.

The entrance hall, which gives access from the outside to the inside, is located in the second floor which has privileged sights but a reduced roofed area, along with the stairs which lead to the first floor and the main bedroom. This has a spacious bathroom and a walk in closet, as well as a garden at a different level (living´s room roof thermal insulation) in the form of a terrace which enables us to have best sights of the coasts.

In the first floor, at 1.5 m above the intermediate pier, with a very good sight and needing a greater roofed area, we can find the house’s social spaces: the living, the dining room, kitchen, bar, terrace with access to the intermediate pier, swimming pool, BBQ area; all of them with views to the sea. This level also has a toilet with views and stairs to the semi-basement.

Finally the semi-basement level, located at 1.40 m, with the largest roofed area per level, is where the house’s private area is located. This is articulated trough a big and comfortable living room with Zenithal lighting from the terrace. A round the living we find three bedrooms, each with its bathroom, a room for surfboards and a living room which gives access to the beach and in the rear the whole service area. A great interior courtyard is generated in order to solve this level’s illumination and air circulation. The house is set back 3 m from the intermediate pier and a pair of secondary interior pipelines in order to achieve best illumination and ventilation possible at the most critic level.


Name: Vivienda H-22
Location: Punta Hermosa
Date: 2013
Land area: 208.26 m2
Built area: 337.48 m2
Number of stories: Semi-basement + 03 stories
Building contractors: CLV Construcciones SAC

Architects: Vertice Arquitectos S.A.C.
Hernani Canessa Lohmann, Architect
Sandro Moro Miranda, Architect
Luis Miguel Becerra de la Fuente, Architect

Structural Engineer: Engr. Marco Risco
Sanitary Engineer: Díaz Luy consulting engineers E.I.R.L.
Electricity Engineer: Díaz Luy consulting engineers E.I.R.L.